As a mother and nature lover, sustainability is a passion that I embrace at every level of life and business. Little Gold Fox is devoted to making sure that the products and packaging all meet green standards.


The cards, bookmarks, and wood prints are printed on extra thin 2-ply sustainably-harvested wood veneer by a family-owned mill which is FSC-certified. The process uses very minimal amounts of energy and water and makes less waste than making paper. The resulting product is 100% natural and biodegradable. It is also very durable – able to be bent in half and then flattened out again with little damage. Made in the USA.


The envelopes are made by French Paper Co., family-owned and one of the last American, small, independent paper mills. Since 1922, all French Papers are made using 100% renewable electricity generated by French’s own green hydroelectric plant (saving over one million barrels of fossil fuels to date). Envelopes are all FSC-certified and up to 100% recycled. Made in the USA.

Eco Protective Closure Sleeves

The plastic sleeves for the cards and prints are made from plants, contain a minimum of 60% post industrial recycled material, and are 100% biodegradable. They will disintegrate and biodegrade swiftly and safely in a professionally managed composting facility and not leave behind any plastic residues. Made in the USA.


The insert is printed on Environmental brand paper. They are 100% recycled with 30% post-consumer waste and FSC-certified. Made in the USA.

Chipboard Pads

The backing used to protect the prints are made from recycled paper.

Cushion Wrap

All orders are wrapped in kraft paper cushion wrap and not in plastic or styrofoam.